What It Feels Like to Lose You 

Loss doesn’t just fade. It doesn’t vanish. It doesn’t leave us. It sits beside us, day after day, year after year. Often a different color or shade, but still there. Still present. Sometimes it shouts so loud it’s all you can hear, and other times it’s a steady hum in the background. A vibration, constant and tugging at your skin. A weight, heavy on your chest. You try to take a breath, but it’s never as deep as you need it to be.

I’ve tried to ease back into my life, but it seems every time the phone rings my body jolts. Who is it? What’s wrong? Is everything OK? That’s part of the anxiety that sometimes comes with tragedy.
Loss isn’t past tense; it’s always present. Always with us. Always with me…

I don’t think we ever recover from our grief. I think we learn to live, broken and battered. A piece of us forever missing. That’s just what it feels like to lose you.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder–Whaaat?!

I read The Mighty which is a great website with numerous real people who write articles on various mental health topics and chronic illnesses. They tell of their experiences and their story. The Mighty makes me feel not  or . I feel I have a place I belong.

I know many people who fall on the “spectrum” of autism but from my experiences few people understand what this means. They think of a spectrum as a linear idea when it isn’t. The Mighty has this great video that gives a little insight into what that means by Rebecca Burgess. I wanted to share it with you in case you’re not sure on what autism means or help those who might not.

If you prefer to read the video instead of watch the video, here is the link for that on the artist’s Tumblr account.

The article on The Mighty’s website is “Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes.”

Please feel free to reblog and share. Let us help end the stigma of mental illness, chronic illness, and neurodiversities.



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